Arthur Pendragon (better known as 'Artie') is the epitome of a typical teenager - awkward, scrawny, and not very popular by people who are around him or among everyone else for that matter. Artie is a sixteen-year-old underachiever at almost everything he attempts to do; these aspects are emphasized when Shrek announces to him that he is the next king of Far Far Away, and Artie does not think he can handle the job being a king. However, he is good and kind-hearted, and in the end he naturally accepts the responsibilities of kingship. One of his greatest fears - among many -is fear of inadequacy, because he's afraid that he isn't going to be good enough for the job of being king nor does he think he's ready for such a task; he and Shrek share the same problem, as they both mention having had difficulty in their relationships with their respective fathers ("He dumped me at that school the first chance he got, and I never heard from him again"). And Shrek is scared of becoming a father just as Artie is afraid of becoming king because neither one of them trust themselves to be good enough for the job. Artie is shown to be a competent fighter when necessary, and helps Shrek and the others fend off evil trees and later assists Shrek when Prince Charming is about to kill him by murdering him on stage with his sword.