Dragon Australia

This Dragon toy was exclusive to Australia

Dragon is the wife of Donkey and mother of the Dronkey's. Dragon does not speak, but does employ physically expressive body language and noises to communicate. Like her partner Donkey, Dragon is never given a proper name in the films. It's not known how potent her fire is, but it's shown to be able to melt metal in seconds, such as Prince Charming's sword in the third movie. In the first film, Dragon is charged with guarding Princess Fiona in her isolated castle, and thus is initially seen by Shrek and Donkey as an antagonist. While Shrek attempts to rescue the princess, Donkey finds himself at the mercy of Dragon. Shrek and Donkey are able to escape, leaving Dragon behind. Dragon returns at the end of the film, having escaped and abandoned the volcanic keep, and aids Shrek in his quest to save Fiona and stop her from marrying Lord Farquaad by swallowing him. She and Donkey make amends and begin a relationship. In Shrek 2, Dragon is married to Donkey and is absent for much of the film, but nevertheless becomes one of Shrek's good friends. Dragon makes a full appearance in a post-credits scene, in which she arrives with six young "dronkeys" who meet their father for the first time.