The Three Little Pigs are friends with Shrek and the gang. They are among the many fairy tale creatures to be banished into Shrek's swamp by Lord Farquaad. They also have a German accent. They have a larger role in Shrek 2. By then, the pigs are best friends with Shrek prior to the events of the film. At the start of the film, the three pigs help look after Shrek's and Fiona's house while they visit the kingdom of Far Far Away. Later in the film, they see Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots arrested by local police officers in Far Far Away, and then free them, heading to the castle to stop Prince Charming. They managed to stop the Fairy Godmother's scheme and they celebrate. The pigs are less prominent in the third film. They appear at the start of the film at Prince Charming's new job; an actor in a dinner theatre. They jeer him along with the rest of the crowd, leading Charming to leave the stage. They later appear in the castle pretending to have tea with the others while Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots are finding Artie, the apparent heir to the throne, and Fiona, Queen Lillian and the princesses escape via a secret passage. Prince Charming storms in and demands Shrek's location. Under pressure, one of the pigs reveals Shrek's plan, and ends up locked up somewhere secret. The pigs are later freed and they head to the castle and managed to stop Prince Charming from killing Shrek in his show. In Shrek Forever After, the Three Little Pigs played small roles, they all appeared at the ogre triplet's birthday party, they ate the occasion cake. Later in the alternate universe, they appear as assistants in Rumpelstiltskin's castle.